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Symbolic ZBDD-based Generation Algorithm for Combinatorial Testing

HUANG Yu-yao, LI Feng-ying, CHANG Liang and MENG Yu   

  • Online:2018-01-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Combinatorial testing is an effective method in system testing,which can test system with fewer test cases under the premise of guaranteeing error detection rate.However,the complexity of the problem of constructing test cases is NP-complete,and many algorithms only get the suboptimal solution.This paper presented a method of generating test cases based on symbolic Zero-suppressed binary decision diagram(ZBDD).The method first uses the structure of ZBDD to perform a compact symbolic representation of the test system.Then,using implicit operations of ZBDD and combining with the idea of greedy algorithm,the method can cover more combinations and reduce the set of uncover combinations to generate smaller set of test cases.The method can satisfy 2 to 4 wise coverage.Experiments show that this method is feasible and has the characteristic of small node cost.

Key words: Combinatorial testing,Zero-suppressed binary decision diagram,T-wise coverage,Test case generation

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