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Researches on Wireless Sensor Network Localization Based on Improved Gbest-guided Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

XING Rong-hua and HUANG Hai-yan   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The overall performance of wireless sensor network(WSN) is highly reliable of the accurate geographic location of each sensor node in WSN.Based on the artificial Bee colony algorithm,the gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm adds the iterative optimal solution to updating formula after the neighborhood search,improving the development ability of the algorithm.But when it is applied to WSN node location,it still has the problem of long computing time and unstable convergence.An improved Gbest-guided artificial bee colony algorithm was proposed, and we measured the new solution after neighborhood search.If the new solution is acceptable,crossover with the iterative optimal solution is executed.If the new solution is good,crossover operation is not executed.If the new solution is bad,the solution is quitted.It balances the exploration and development ability of the algorithm better,and it’s proved to have faster convergence rate and better convergence effect when applied to WSN node location.

Key words: WSN nodes localization,RSSI,Artificial bee colony algorithm,Gbest- guided artificial bee colony algorithm

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