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Military Aeronautical Communication Spectrum Sharing Trust Mechanism Based on Cloud Model

XU Xue-fei, LI Jian-hua, YANG Ying-hui and GUO Rong   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In response to the particularity of military aeronautical communication spectum sharing,a spectrum sharing trust mechanism based on cloud model was proposed.By the use of trust relevant theories and the introduction of the cloud model theory,a system framework of spectrum sharing based on the cloud model theory was constructed,and the mutual relationship of spectrum sharing system was confirmed.The clear idea and concrete method of trust evaluation based on the cloud model was proposed at last.The trust evaluation approach can implement the conversion from the fuzzy qualitative trust attributes to the precise quantification trust levels,which could resolve the series problems effectively during the establishment of spectrum sharing trust relationships.The trust evaluation experimentation was designed.The result show that the trust evaluation model is of validity and practicability,which provide the effective support of spectrum sharing strategy based on the trust mechanism.

Key words: Spectrum sharing,Cloud model,Trust mechanism,Trust evaluation,Trust attribute,Trust level

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