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Priority Based EV Charging Management Under Service Reservation in Smart Grid

ZHANG Jie1,2, TANG Qiang2, LIU Shuo-han1, CAO Yue1, ZHAO Wei2, LIU Tao2, XIE Shi-ming2   

  1. 1 School of Cyber Science and Engineering,Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072,China
    2 SG Star Energy(Sichuan) Technology Co.Ltd,Chengdu 610000,China
  • Received:2022-01-31 Revised:2022-03-15 Online:2022-06-15 Published:2022-06-08
  • About author:ZHANG Jie,born in 1978,master,senior engineer.His main research in-terests include smart energy and grid automation.
    LIU Shuo-han,born in 1995,Ph.D candidate.His main research interests include electric vehicle charging optimization.
  • Supported by:
    Hubei Province International Science and Technology Collaboration Program(2021EHB012).

Abstract: The introduction of electric vehicles(EVs) alleviates greenhouse gases emission.Its application has huge potential in the attempt to achieve green transportation today.However,the long charging time and charging congestion greatly affect the travel experience of EVs.To optimize EV charging,the charging station(CS) selection scheme(where to charge) and the charging scheduling strategy(when to charge) become the core of solving the problem of urban EV charging.In this paper,the preemptive charging scheduling strategy considering the charging priority(CP) is proposed.This strategy allows the preemptive charging of EVs with high urgency of charging(calculated from the charging demand and the remaining parking duration).Based on the CP charging scheduling strategy,a CS selection scheme that further combines reservation information is optimized.This scheme selects the CS with the shortest charging travel time(including one-time charging process) for EVs.Meanwhile,EVs are required to report their charging reservation information to accurately predict the congestion status of CSs,so as to efficiently allocate charging resources.The charging network is simulated through the urban traffic scene of Helsinki.The results show that the charging management scheme,CP scheduling strategy and reservation-based CS selection scheme proposed in this paper,can effectively shorten the average charging travel time of EVs and provide fully charging service for more EVs within a limited parking duration.

Key words: Charging optimization, Charging scheduling, Charging station selection, Electric vehicle, Electric vehicle charging

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  • TP3-05
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