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Detecting Most Influential Nodes in Complex Networks by KSN Algorithm

TIAN Yan and LIU Zu-gen   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: It is very important in theory and practice to detect influential spreaders in networks accurately and efficiently.Recently,scholars from various fields have paid their attention to the study of ranking nodes.The K-shell index is a relatively powerful indicator to estimate the spreading ability of nodes.However,due to only attributes of the node itself being considered,limitation in accuracy and universal applicability will exist for K-shell decomposition.To solve this problem,this paper proposed a novel algorithm called KSN (the K-shell and neighborhood centrality) to estimate the spreading influence of a node by its K-shell value and the K-shell indexes of its nearest and next nearest neighbors.Experimental results demonstrate that this proposed algorithm acts more precisely in detecting the most influential nodes than degree centrality,betweenness centrality,K-shell decomposition and the mixed degree decomposition,et al.

Key words: Complex networks,Influential nodes,Centrality measure,KSN centrality

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