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Characteristic of Satellite Ground Links and Inter-satellite Links of Space Information System Based on Route equirement

ZHONG Tao, YI Xian-qing, HOU Zhen-wei and ZHAO Yue   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: An effective routing algorithm is one of the core technologies of space information system that should be developed.Due to the changes of topology structure in satellite network,the connectivity features of the inter-satellite links(ISLs) and satellite-ground links(SGLs),and the topology structure evolution laws of satellite network should be taken into full consideration when studying the routing algorithm.This paper analyzed the architecture of satellite network of space information system and studied the geometric characteristics of ISLs and SGLs.With the simulation software STK,the characteristics of the ISLs and SGLs were simulated.By analyzing the simulation results,the connectivity features of the ISLs and SGLs were acquired and the topology structure evolution laws of satellite network were also obtained by further analyzing.The features and the laws will provide a reference for the design of satellite links and the research on the routing algorithm of space information system later.

Key words: Route requirement,Space,Information system,Link characteristics

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