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New Identity-based Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme in Ad hoc Networks

HUO Shi-wei,ANG Wen-jing,LI Jing-zhi,SHEN Jin-shan   

  1. Institute of Information and Communications,National University of Defense Technology,Xi’an 710106,China
    Xi’an Communications Institute,Xi’an 710106,China
  • Online:2018-06-20 Published:2018-08-03

Abstract: The available identity-based authentication and key agreement schemes in Ad hoc networks are based on bilinear pairing with high computation cost,and the schemes also have the problem of key escrow.Considering the problem,a new identity-based authentication and key agreement scheme was proposed.Identity authentication was realized using identity-based signature without bilinear pairing.The session key was established using diffie-hellman key exchange technology.It is shown that the proposed scheme avoids the problem of key escrow,and has higher efficiency.

Key words: Ad hoc networks, Authentication, Identity-based cryptography, Key agreement

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  • TP309
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