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Improved Opportunistic Routing Algorithm Based on Node Trustworthiness for WMNs

YIN Xin-qi, WU Jun, MO Wei-wei and BAI Guang-wei   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Opportunistic routing improves the reliability and throughput of WMNs,at the same time,the network performance degrades due to the existence of malicious nodes in candidate set.In order to solve the problem that how to timely identify and isolate malicious nodes,a node trustworthiness evaluation model was proposed.Based on Bayesian Networks Algorithm,considering the abnormal behavior caused by non-invasive factors,the uncertainty interaction factor is introduced to improve the estimate method of direct trust,and entropy is used to assign weights for calculation and update of trust value.The trustworthiness of the node is obtained by combining the trust value and the positive factor of behavior which is introduced to reflect the real participation of nodes,and the future trustworthiness for those nodes whose trustworthiness is uncertain is predicted to identify potential malicious nodes.Finally,the model was applied to ExOR and an opportunistic routing algorithm based on trustworthiness BTOR was proposed.The experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively detect the malicious nodes,and has advantages than original routing algorithms in performances.

Key words: WMNs,Opportunistic routing,Node trustworthiness,Behavior positive factor,Trustworthiness prediction

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