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Robustness Optimization of Sequence Decision in Urban Road Construction

WU Jian-hui, HUANG Zhong-xiang, LI Wu, WU Jian-hui, PENG Xin and ZHANG Sheng   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: In order to improve the robustness of sequence decision in urban road construction,a bi-level programming model was proposed to optimize urban road construction sequence decision.The model assumes that travel demand disturbs in a certain range,the upper-level is programmed to seek the comprehensive minimum value between system total travel time and the sensitivity of system total travel time under the limited funds constraint,and the lower-level programming is a stochastic user equilibrium assignment model.The sensitivity calculation formula of system total travel time travel demand was derived,and the solution algorithm of the model was also presented.At last,taking a test road network as an example,three decision optimization models based on system total travel time,based on sensitivity and based on comprehensive travel time with system total travel time and sensitivity were analyzed.The results show that three decision optimization models can seek the optimal urban road construction sequence of its objective function respectively,but the optimal results based on sensitivity and based on comprehensive travel time are more robust than the optimal result based on system total travel time under demand uncertainty.

Key words: Traffic network design,Demand uncertainty,Robust optimization,Sensitivity

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