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Ship Trajectory Tracking Based on Binocular Vision

HUANG Ye, HUANG Jing, XIAO Chang-shi, JIANG Wen and SUN Yi   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Binocular vision model can achieve the target distance measurement by simulating the human eye.In order to obtain real-time motion state of sea vessel,this paper proposed a ship trajectory tracking method based on binocular vision.Firstly,the method of the camera calibration and the linear space points in 3D reconstruction can measure the distance between the camera and the ship when taking the camera as the center,and calculate part of the trajectory of the ship.Secondly,this paper adopted the method of constant velocity(CV) model to establish the ship motion model.Finally,the strong tracking kalman filtering(STKF) method of ship trajectory tracking is used to track ship trajectory and estimate the motion state of target ship in real time for the established ship motion model.Experiments show that the ship trajectory tracking method based on binocular vision can track the ship trajectory effectively and is suitable for engineering applications.

Key words: Stereo vision,Binocular distance measurement,Constant velocity(CV) model,Strong tracking kalman filtering(STKF),Ship trajectory tracking

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