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Low-contrast Crack Extraction Method Based on Image Enhancement and Watershed Segmentation

ZHOU Li-jun   

  1. Shanxi Engineering Research Center for Road Intelligent Monitoring,Shanxi Transportation Research Institute,Taiyuan 030000,China
  • Online:2018-06-20 Published:2018-08-03

Abstract: In the process of tunnel crack detection in actual scene,there exists small,low-contrast and stain-interfered cracks.It is difficult to extract those cracks by conventional methods.In order to solve this problem,a crack detection method based on image enhancement and watershed segmentation was proposed.In this method,the interfered stain is removed to balance the image background contrast.The image is further enhanced by top-hat and bottom-hat transformation.Then the segmentation lines are obtained by watershed algorithm.According to the gray-value difference between the gray-value of segmentation line and its surrounding gray-value,the crack edge can be extracted.Experimental results show that the proposed method is accurate and effective to detect tunnel cracks and it is also robust to noise.

Key words: Crack detection, Low-contrast, Top-hat/bottom-hat transformation, Image enhancement, Watershed

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  • TP391.41
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