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SDN-based Network Controller Algorithm for Load Balancing

DOU Hao-ming, JIANG Hui, CHEN Si-guang   

  1. Jiangsu Engineering Research Center of Communication and Network Technology,Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Nanjing 210003,China
  • Online:2019-06-14 Published:2019-07-02

Abstract: Currently,the emerging technologies of network show the booming development trend,which bring great convenience and fun for people’s life.However,they put forward the newer and higher requirements for efficient processing ofbig data withdesired security and reliability.On the one hand,the processing ability of the traditional network is difficult to meet these performance and security requirements;on the other hand,in order to obtain higher network benefits,researches of traffic scheduling optimization almost focuse on considering the link module factor,lacking the consideration of server module.In this paper,aiming at the shortcomings of current existing traffic scheduling optimization algorithms,an optimization algorithm called PSTS (Path-Server Traffic Scheduling) which introduces the additional consideration of server module was proposed.The PSTS algorithm is based on the SDN (Software Defined Network) paradigm and finished the modular function realization by using the Ryu controller.In the implementation process,by means of measuring the impact factors (performance metrics) of link and server levels and introducing impact factors which are obtained previously,the proposed algorithm realizes the sorting and filtering operations on each link and each server by calculating the weights.Meanwhile,the sorting and filtering results providestrong support for the final optimal traffic scheduling.The simulation results show that PSTS algorithm can achieve higher average bandwidth utilization and lower average transmission delay compared with DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) algorithm when they have the same traffic load.At the same time,the proposed algorithm can effectively distribute the data stream more balanced to each serverwhen the network has a large number of data streams,which indicates that it can avoid the local congestion of network significantly,improve the processing speed of data stream,andfinally enhance the overall performance of the network.

Key words: SDN, Traffic scheduling, Load balancing, PSTS algorithm

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