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Real-time Analysis of Prisoner’s Abnormal Behavior Based on Wireless Body Area Network

YANG Lu-lu, CHEN Jian-xin, ZHOU Liang and WEI Xin   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: With the rapid development of wireless sensor technology,the application of wireless body area network in telemedicine and smart home gradually becomes the research hotspot.Prison is a special place,and the prisoner’s daily behavior monitoring is essential.Accurate and effective monitoring system can alarm in time when abnormal behavior occurs,and it contributes to the management of prison and prevent dangerous accidents.In the prison environment,a method for prisoner’s abnormal behavior recognition based on wireless body area network was presented. The three axis acceleration data are collected during the prisoner’s movement through a wrist-worn acceleration sensor,and then the classification algorithms are used to recognize the activities to assess whether there are abnormal behaviors.The experimental results show that the recognition accuracy of the abnormal behaviors can reach 95%.

Key words: Wireless body area network,Abnormal activity recognition,Accelerometer,Feature selection,Classification algorithms

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