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Community Detection for Micro-blog Network Based on WB-MMSB Model

XU Jian-min, WU Xiao-bo, WU Shu-fang and SU Wu-lin   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Considering the nodes of Mico-blog network have single direction relations,a new model WB-MMSB was put forward for community detection,which uses directed edges to embody the direction relations of nodes,and two aspects link-in and link-out are used to quantify the community membership of nodes.Exponential family distribution and mean-field variational inference method were used to inference the representations of variables in this model,and SVI algorithm was used to compute relating parameters.Experiments adopted Sina-Weibo dataset and NMI to testify the performance of WB-MMSB.The results indicate that the community detection ability of WB-MMSB model is better than aMMSB model,and the convergence rate of WB-MMSB model is faster than aMMSB model.

Key words: Micro-blog network,Community detection,Mixed membership stochastic block model,Overlapping communities

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