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Symmetrical 8 Chain Code Encoding Algorithm to Describe Outer Contour Information of Phalaenopsis Amabilis Images

XU Huan-liang, WANG Yi-jun, XIONG Ying-jun, REN Shou-gang and WANG Hao-yun   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: One important feature parameter to judge the growing situation of phalaenopsis amabilis is outer contour information,which is obtained by contour extracting and chain code encoding.Mathematical morphological algorithm is more suitable to extract phalaenopsis amabilis edge contour,however,its edge contour is no-single pixel width,and traditional 8 chain code algorithm will wrongly express the outer contour information.Combining contour direction feature,we defined starting chain code direction and proposed symmetrical 8 chain code algorithm.During the encoding process,this algorithm can judge current contour direction through change points,and then select the starting chain code direction adaptively.Verification experiments show that this algorithm can well describe the outer contour information with low misjudgement rate,and general experiments prove that this algorithm is also suitable for other enclosed images which have extracted target well.

Key words: Freeman 8 chain code,Outer contour,Mathematical morphology,Symmetrical 8 chain code,Phalaenopsis amabilis

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