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Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm Based on Coding Association

ZHU Yong-qiang and QIN Zhi-guang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Multi-pattern matching algorithms often use finite state automaton to implement parallel matching of multiple pattern strings.When multi-pattern matching algorithm based on finite state automaton is applied into the Chinese,it will lead to storage space expansion.Aiming to solve this problem,this improved algorithm constructs automatic state machine by using split coding of Chinese characters to save storage space and designs failure jump table based on coding association,and uses heuristic jumping rules to improve time performance of matching.Finally,compared to other algorithm,smaller space consumption and faster speed in Chinese environment of this improved algorithm were proved by simulation.

Key words: Multi-pattern matching,DFSA algorithm,WM algorithm,DFSA-QS algorithm,Coding association

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