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Novel Intrusion Detection Method Based on Semi-supervised Clustering

LIANG Chen and LI Cheng-hai   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: A new semi-supervised intrusion detection method based on error-correcting output codes was proposed to solve the difficulties which existing in intrusion detection algorithms based on supervised learning usually face when the training samples are insufficient.This method mines the relationship under the unlabeled data to enlarge the known labeled normal data by introducing the idea of semi-supervised cop-kmeans algorithm.Firstly,the SVDD is used to mea-sure the class separabilty quantitatively.Then the inter-class separability matrix is got gradually.The binary tree is built based on the matrixes from the bottom to the up.Each node of the binary tree is encoded by level to get the final hierarchical error-correcting output codes and classifiter.The experiments in KDD Cup 1999 network data sets prove that the method has better performance in detection accuracy and good adaptability in the real network environment.

Key words: Intrusion detection system,Error-correcting output codes,Semi-supervised clustering,Class separability,SVDD

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