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Cooperative Congestion Control Scheme Based on MPTCP in Heterogeneous Network

WANG Zhen-chao and YANG Xiao-long   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: A cooperative congestion control scheme based on MPTCP was proposed.At the stage of avoiding congestion,the unconfirmed data packets transferred in each route in heterogeneous network are predicted based on the Mar-kov Model,and then the sender calculates the maximum amount of data that each route can carry.If the network congestion window is more than two times higher than the minimum of the maximum amount of data that every path can carry,the mechanism of cooperative congestion control will be started.Under the cooperative congestion control mechanism,the network congestion window should be adjusted according to the norm of additive increase of AIMD algorithm.If the sum of the carrying capacity of each path is less than the network congestion window,the cooperative congestion control mechanism should be ended,and then traditional slow start of TCP algorithm is implemented.To enhance broadband utilization at the slow start stage,this paper modified the broadband estimation algorithm of TCPW(TCP Westwood) to make the estimation of available broadband in each path more accurate and improve the reasonability of slow start threshold setting.Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can increase the number of successful transmission data packets while guaranteeing the load balance and fairness between single TCP flow and MPTCP flow.

Key words: Cooperative congestion control,Multi-path parallel data transmission,Heterogeneous network,Markov model,TCPW

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