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Bayesian Rule-based Background Model for Object Device-free Localization

QU Qiang, WU Xin-jie and CHEN Xue-bo   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Object Device-Free Localization is allowed to localize and track person or other things without carrying any electronic device or tag.Aiming at the problem that the localization accuracy of radio tomographic imaging (RTI) algorithm is not ideal in a multipath environment,an improved algorithm based on bayesian background model was proposed.Firstly,the bayesian background model which is used to eliminate redundant links is established by combining the skew-laplace distribution with the bayesian theory.Then,the changes of received signal strength are weighted to reduce the interference of multipath effect on localization accuracy.Finally,the target location is corrected with the introduction of the posteriori estimate mean.The feasibility and availability of localization algorithm are verified by experiment.

Key words: Object device-free localization,Radio tomographic imaging (RTI),Bayesian rule,Redundant link

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