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Shortest Path Searching Algorithm Based on Geographical Coordinates and Closed Attribute in Road Network

GU Ming-hao and XU Ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Concerning the problem of finding the shortest path in the large scale city road network,this paper proposed an algorithm based on the Edge Clustering Tree and Minimal Closed Lattice to achieve the goal of quick searching.Firstly,the city road network is proprocessed,i.e. using the definition of the MCL to classify the road network.Then ETC is used to storage the MCL .Eventually,depending on the idea of the virtual path(the shortest distance between two points is the straight line distance),combining the attribute of MCL planarity of the road network and taking advantage of the ECT will dramatically reduce the visits to dud nodes.So this kind of algorithm really reduces the time complexity and achieves the purpose of quick searching.The theoretical analysis and the simulation experiment demonstrate that the storage space of ECT is 45.56% less than the PCDC algorithm and 24.35% less than TNR.In the aspect of storage,ECT is slightly better than SILC.Besides,the query efficiency of the MCL is 15.6% faster than that of the SPB.The results of the experiment suggest that the MCL algorithm based on ETC storage can improve the query efficiency.

Key words: Minimal closed lattice(MCL),Shortest path,Virtual path,Edge clustering tree(ECT),Preprocessing

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