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Gait Recognition Algorithm Based on Hidden Markov Model

ZHANG Xiang-gang, TANG Hai, FU Chang-jun and SHI Yu-liang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Human gait is the pattern of walking of human being.Recently,gait recognition has been a hot research point in many research fields.Specially,the distinction of gait segmentation plays a key role on gait recognition.The use of HMMs in this paper aimed at recognizing different gait segmentation by an encoder on knee-joint and a leg-mounted accelerometer.Firstly,the methods of data pre-processing and feature extraction were used.Secondly,a model based on HMM was presented for recognizing gait segmentation,including model structure,parameters training,gait recognition.Thirdly,performance evaluation of the gait recognition was conducted,obtaining total accuracy of 91.06%,proving that HMM can accurately recognize gait segmentation and has good performance.

Key words: Hidden markov model,Gait segmentation,Gait recognition

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