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Efficient Caching Mechanism Based on Soft Defined Information-centric Networks

LEI Fang-yuan, CAI Jun, LUO Jian-zhen, DAI Qing-yun and ZHAO Hui-min   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In-network caching is one of the most important features of ICN (information-centric networks).A caching strategy based on soft defined information-centric network was proposed to efficient utilize the whole network cache resource.In control plane,SDN controller aware the dynamic network status,the caching mechanism not only considers the importance of the cache community but also the node’s importance within a cache community,which makes different popularity of content objects more reasonable in temporal distribution.The SIC mechanism was implemented under a variety of experimental conditions,and compared with the previous strategies Hash-LFU and Betw+LRU.The simulation results show that the mechanism can yield a significant performance improvement,such as,average request delay,cache hit ratio,hop reduction ratio,average community,and the resource overhead of SDN controller also keep the low level.

Key words: Soft defined network,Information-centric networks,Cache,Replacement policy,Node’s importance to community

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