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Memory Computing:Concept,Characteristics and Research Advances

GUO Bin, CHEN Hui-hui, LI Wen-peng, YU Zhi-wen, JIANG Jia-jun and WANG Wen-hui   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the development of information and communication technology,especially the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things,the data about personal works and life grow exponentially.Since much valuable individual information is invisibly contained in these massive dataset.How to extract the valuable information from these great amount of data has become a new challenge.This paper introduced an newly emerging research topic in the pervasive computing field,memory computing.By utilizing prevalent sensor-embedded smartphones and wearable devices,memory computing collects heterogeneous online/offline data of user’s daily activities,extracts and mines inner memory data and associated contexts,manages useful data in the right manner,and renders context-aware individual memory information for helping users to recall their memories and promote their communication and cooperation.This paper presented the concept,features and the system model of memory computing,and discussed its key technologies and research challenges.We also reviewed the applications of memory computing,such as life logging,reminiscence,memory reminding and community memory sharing,and prospected the future development.

Key words: Pervasive computing,Memory computing,Context awareness,Digital memory,Mobile and wearable devices

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