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Modeling and Analyzing of WSNs Data Gathering Protocol Based on UPPAAL

FENG Ya-chao, YANG Hong-li, WANG Fei, WU Wen-jia and QIN Sheng-chao   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks is widely used in various types of data gathering systems,such as residential wireless meter reading (including water,electricity and gas meters) systems.The correctness and rationality of the designing of data gathering protocol are the key factors affecting the normal operation of the network.We proposed the method of modeling and analyzing of WSNs data gathering protocol based on UPPAAL towards the demand of real-time feature.Considering the input model of UPPAAL is more complex than the general terms of automata model,we established the general terms of time automata model of data gathering protocol at first,and then transfered it to the input model of UPPAAL.The effectiveness of the method is illustrated by modeling and analyzing for an actual wireless meter reading data gathering protocol WM2RP.The result shows some properties which are related to the safety and reliability can be satisfied on the protocol.The exception model and energy consumption model of WM2RP are further established to analyze the protocol from the multiple angle.

Key words: Wireless sensor networks,Data gathering protocol,Timed automata,UPPAAL model,Modeling and analyzing

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