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Big Data Storage Security Scheme Based on Algebraic Signature Possession Audit in Cloud Environment

XU Yang, ZHU Dan, ZHANG Huan-guo and XIE Xiao-yao   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: For the issues of the security and dynamic updating of the big data stored in the cloud,a big data storage security scheme based on algebraic signature possession audit was proposed.It builds trusted third party auditor to make data possession audit (DPA) for the big data by using algebraic signature (AS) technology to ensure the integrity of data.In addition,a new type of data structure is built based on the idea of divide and conquer (DC),allowing the data owner to dynamically modify,insert and delete data.At the same time,the computation complexity is reduced by reducing the number of translated data blocks.Experimental results show that the proposed scheme can detect the malicious operation effectively,provide higher data security,and greatly reduce the computation of the server and the audit side.

Key words: Big data,Storage security,Algebraic signature,Possession audit,Data dynamic updating

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