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Review of Research and Application on Hadoop in Cloud Computing

XIA Jing-bo, WEI Ze-kun, FU Kai and CHEN Zhen   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Hadoop is one of the most popular technologies in the area of cloud computing and big data nowadays,the combination of its relevant software ecosystem with Spark technology influences the academic development and business model.This paper firstly introduced the origin and advantages of Hadoop,and clarified the relevant technical principles,such as MapReduce,HDFS,YARN,Spark and so on.Then we focused on the analysis of the current Hadoop academic research achievements,and summarized four aspects:the improvement and innovation of the MapReduce algorithm,optimization and innovation of technology of HDFS,secondary development and other combination,innovation and practice of application field.And then the developing situation of domestic and foreign application was described.Hadoop with the Spark is the trend of the future.This paper finally discussed the development direction of the future research and some crucial problems which should be solved pressingly.

Key words: Cloud computing,Big data,Hadoop,Spark,MapReduce

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