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Multipath Routing Protocol Based on Braid-multipath Network Coding Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

WANG Jun, DU Wei-qi, LIU Hui and WANG Lei   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: How to use the network coding technology in wireless sensor network to improve the performance of the networks is becoming a hot research area in recent years.Multipath transmission is an effective method to improve the transmission reliability.Among the multipath network coding models,the braid-multipath network coding model is a reliable routing model and is very suitable for large-scale networks.In this paper,we designed a new routing protocol called BRGNC(Braided multipath Routing protocol based on Grid with Network Coding) for large-scale wireless sensor networks.Firstly,we divided the network into virtual grids by using the nodes’ location information,and we selected the next-hop grid based on many factors including the nodes’ residual energy,link quality and network density.And then we selected the “optimal” nodes as the candidate sets.At the same time,we used network coding technology to improve the transmission reliability.Simulation results show that the BRGNC protocol can greatly improve the reliability of the transmission,extend the lifetime of the network in large-scale sensor networks with the instable link.

Key words: WSN,Network coding,Multipath routing,Virtual grid,Reliability

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