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System Safety Modeling and Analysis Method Based on Four-variable Model

HU Jun, SHI Jiao-jie, CHENG Zhen, CHEN Song and WANG Ming-ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Recently,the system safety analysis and verification method based on model is an important research direction in the field of safety critical systems engineering.A system safety modeling and analysis verification method based on four-variable model was proposed based on the AltaRica modeling language.The mapping rule between four-variable model and AltaRica was constructed through the studying of their semantics.A case of wheel brake system(WBS) in civil aircraft was used as an example to illustrate the entire validation process.Namely,first we used four-variable model to analyze the requirements of WBS from the level of system requirements,and constructed the AltaRica model according to the mapping rule.Next,we used fault tree analysis method to study the safety of WBS.Finally,based on the tool ARC,which is associated with AltaRica,the system safety attributes was validated.The practicability of the proposed method in the field of system safety engineering is illustrated by the verification results.

Key words: Four-variable model,AltaRica modeling language,Fault tree analysis,ARC

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