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Research on Evolution and Updating among Multi-source Data Based on Big Data

YU Fang, CHEN Sheng-shuang, LI Shi-jun and YU Wei   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Multi-source data based on big data presents the characteristics of a large amount of data,a great variety of data and data changing quickly.These characteristics put forward a new challenge to data updating.The concept of evolutionary data was defined by the analysis of the characteristics among multi- source data based on the big data.Based on this,a dynamic frequency conversion traversal data updating model was created.Firstly, abstracting the data evolutiona-ry way and establishing the concept of evolutionary potential and stability of data,a more general evolutionary computing tools in algebra sense was derived.Secondly,frequency conversion traversal and dynamic weighting model based on probability was deduced by deriving a more general evolutionary computing tools in algebra sense.Finally,by importing tools into the practical application of data updating,dynamic frequency traversal model of multi- source data is verified by experiment with high updated efficiency on big data.

Key words: Big data,Evolutionary data,DFCT model,Data updating

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