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Probability Routing Algorithm in DTN Based on Time and Space and Sociality

JIA Jian-xin,  LIU Guang-zhong and XU Ming   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Aiming to improve the delivery ratio,reduce the delivery latency and reduce network overhead,probability routing algorithm was proposed based on time and space and social,which is called GTSP.Firstly,according to the time span and geographical area that node always has a big probability to encounter each other,the big encounter probability node table of each node and the common shared friends table between nodes in a specific time span and geographical area are ensured.Then the node uses GTSP routing algorithm to motivate and forward data packet,and it avoids the node mobile in erroneous time span and geographical area.Compared with the Prophet routing algorithm、the SprayAndWait routing algorithm and SimBet routing algorithm,the simulation results show that the GTSP has a better performance in delivery latency、delivery ration and network overhead.

Key words: Delay tolerant network,GTSP routing algorithm,Time span,Geographical area,Sociality probability

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