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I/O Scheduling Algorithm Based on Dynamic Prioritization in Virtual Machines

GUO Song-hui, GONG Xue-rong, WANG Wei, LI Qing-bao and SUN Lei   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: I/O scheduling is a key factor for the performance of I/O-intensive virtual machine.The existing scheduling methods mainly focus on optimizing the global I/O bandwidth of virtual machine,and few taking the performance of each virtual domain and the entire system synchronously into account.According to the deficiencies of the existing methods,I/O scheduling algorithm DPS was proposed based on dynamic prioritization.The algorithm takes advantage of multi-attribute decision making theory to calculate attribute weights dynamically for assessing I/O task priority comprehensively,and effectively characterize virtual domain by its value.The performance of DPS is evaluated by scheduling virtualized NIC in Xen.The results show that DPS improves the deadline guarantee ratios of specified domain and the entire system,improves global I/O bandwidth,and it can provide differentiated services for each virtual domain on demand.

Key words: Cloud computing,Virtualization,I/O scheduling,Differentiated service,Multi-attribute decision making

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