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Analysis of Microblog Community Users’ Influence Based on R-C Model

WANG Zhen-fei, ZHU Jing-yang, ZHENG Zhi-yun and SONG Yu   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: The microblog community users’ influence has great significance in effective dissemination of microblog information.To rapidly and accurately find the regularity of micro-blog community’s information dissemination,a micro-blog community users’ importance algorithm was presented.Firstly, seed user data are extracted and microblog communities are detected by using R-C model,and one community form the divided communities is selected.Then,the influence of user in the community is calculated according to USR algorithm.Finally,the influence of user in the community is outputted.Taking the sina microblog data sets as example,the concept of isolated point and the coverage evaluation index of information dissemination impact person-time were proposed.We computed the users’ influence by comparing USR algorithm with other traditional algorithms.Experiments show that the USR algorithm can acquire better result than other algorithms.

Key words: Microblog,Influence,R-C model,USR algorithm,Information diffusion

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