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Protocol State Based Fuzzing Method for Industrial Control Protocols

ZHANG Ya-feng, HONG Zheng, WU Li-fa, ZHOU Zhen-ji and SUN He   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Traditional fuzzing methods for industrial control system(ICS) have shortcomings of small coverage,low effectiveness and limitation of fault monitoring in fuzzing.This paper proposed a protocol state machine based fuzzing method for ICS protocols.Firstly,it describes the protocol state machine model with XML scripts,and designs a protocol state based test sequences generating method (PSTSGM) to achieve higher coverage rate during fuzzing process.Then,it puts forward a heart-beat based detecting and locating method for faults (HDLMF).It aims to detect embedded equipment behavior faults and locate the abnormal cases via the way of heart-beat detection and loop location.On the basis of the proposed method,we designed and implemented a fuzzing tool SCADA-Fuzz,and performed tests on a power control SCADA system.Experimental results show that SCADA-Fuzz can effectively and efficiently trigger behavior faults and locate security vulnerabilities.

Key words: Industrial control protocol,Fuzzing test,Protocol state,Vulnerability mining

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