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Research on End-to-End Model of Reconfigurable Information Communication Basal Network

MA Ding, ZHUANG Lei and LAN Ju-long   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: As a clean-slate future Internet architecture,the reconfigurable information communication basal network supports various business types via constructing co-existing virtual networks and implements on-demand addressing by polymorphic addressing and routing mechanism.To serve the diversified end systems and to respond to the continuous changes of the underlying network environment,resources and end-to-end services need to be managed and provided respectively in a flexible and scalable way.To this end,a two-dimensional end-to-end model was proposed with the horizontal dimension corresponding to the data plane and the vertical dimension corresponding to the management plane.It achieves intra-domain and inter-domain autonomic management of resources,services,virtual networks and service paths based on the agents’ capabilities of awareness,self-decision making and interacting with each other.To incorporate end systems in this autonomic management framework,a novel end system architecture was designed and an end system access scheme was proposed,which eventually enables automatic connections to virtual networks and automatic service provisioning.

Key words: Reconfigurable network,End-to-end model,Multi-agent system,Autonomic management,Access scheme

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