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Survey for Attack and Defense Approaches of OpenFlow-enabled Software Defined Network

WU Ze-hui, WEI Qiang and WANG Qing-xian   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Software defined network (SDN) grants the network an omnipotent power to increase the flexibility of network deployment,the dynamic of network management and the efficiency of network transmission by centralizing the control plane and separating it with data plane.However,the security of SDN is still outstanding.In this paper,we aimed at analyzing and categorizing a number of relevant research works toward OpenFlow-enabled SDN security.We first provided an overview on threats of SDN with its three layers architecture,and further demonstrated their vulnerabilities within each layer.Thereafter,we presented existing SDN-related attacking approaches according to the procedures of network attacking,such as network probing,defraud inserting and remote controlling.And then we dedicated the next part of this paper to study and compared the current defense approaches underlying probe blocking,system strength,and attack defensing.Furthermore,we reviewed several potential attack and defensed methods as some foreseeable future research challenges.

Key words: Cyber security,Software defined network,Virtualization,Dynamic defense

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