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Short-term Power Forecasting for Photovoltaic Generation Based on HS-ESN

WEN Run and TAN Li   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of short-term power prediction for photovoltaic generation,the forecasting model of combination of harmony search(HS) algorithm and echo state network (ESN) algorithm was proposed.The model is based on historical power and weather data provided by a photovoltaic plant.Firstly,it selects the similar day of the forecasting day by the algorithm of similar day,and treats the difference of meteorological feature between the similar day and the forecasting day as the input variable of the model.Secondly,it chooses the training sample to train and forecast with the ESN model based on optimization of HS algorithm.Finally,it takes the photovoltaic plant in Gansu pro-vince as an example to test HS-ESN prediction model.Case analysis shows that the parameters of the reservoir of ESN prediction model optimized by HS algorithm can improve the prediction accuracy effectively,so it has better utility value.

Key words: PV system,Short-term power forecasting,HS algorithm,ESN algorithm,Algorithm of similar day,HS-ESN prediction model

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