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Ultra-lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol for Mobile Radio Frequency Identification

HUANG Qi and LING Jie   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Aiming at the security problem between the reader and back-end server of mobile radio frequency identification caused by wireless transmission,an ultra-lightweight mutual authentication protocol for mobile radio frequency identification are proposed.In the protocol,the tag pseudonyms and key label are dynamically updated by cascade operation,which can effectively hide the true identity of the tag.And the cyclic check function is used for identity authentication between the tag,reader and back-end server,which can achieve the system mutual authentication.Security analysis shows that the proposed protocol can resist many kinds of malicious attacks,such as tracking attack, impersona-tion attack,replay attack,man-in-the-middle attack and so on.Compared with several existing protocol,the protocol reduces the computational and communication costs of the label,which are of high security and low cost.

Key words: Radio frequency identification,Cyclic check function,Mutual authentication,Ultra-lightweight

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