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Research on Evolution Model of Microblog Topic Based on Time Sequence

WANG Zhen-fei, LIU Kai-li, ZHENG Zhi-yun and WANG Fei   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Topic evolution research is helpful to track the user preferences and development trend of topics,and it is of great significance for public sentiment warning.Current topic evolution methods focus on using topic generation model to achieve the topic evolution analysis,and ignore the time factors of topic and background word.Based on the tradi-tional topic generation model LDA,this paper extended it to the micro-blog topic generation model MTLDA.Conside-ring the background word,MTLDA model improves the efficiency of the topic generation.Meanwhile,the micro-blog topic set is divided into time slices,KL divergence is used to calculate the distance between adjacent time slices,and topic evolution is analyzed.Taking Sina Micro-blog data as an example,the experimental results show that the MTLDA model completes the generation of micro-blog topic by using the time slice,and the topic evolution results are tally with the actual situation.

Key words: Microblog,Topic evolution,Social network,MTLDA model,Kullback Leibler(KL) divergence

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