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Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on Reputation Mechanism in Cognitive Ad hoc Networks

QI Quan, WANG Ke-ren and DU Yi-hang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of spectrum sensing and to resist the possible threat of SSDF attacks of cognitive Ad hoc networks,a new scheme of cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive Ad hoc networks based on reputation mechanism was proposed.First,the detection factor is introduced to describe different SUs’ perception ability,and the SUs is divided into different clusters according to the fairness based clustering method.Then,the reputation value of the SUs in the cluster is set and updated according to the sensing results.Finally,the detection factor decision mechanism is designed for spectrum sensing data fusion.The theoretical upper bound of missed detection and false alarm probability is calculated.The simulation result shows that this scheme can effectively identify malicious users and resist SSDF attack with better fault tolerance,smaller false alarm and missed detection probability.

Key words: Cognitive radio,Ad hoc network,Cooperative spectrum sensing,Clustering,SSDF attack

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