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Test Case Retrieval Method for Different Data Model

LI Yuan-yuan, HUANG Song, HUI Zhan-wei and LI Liu-yi   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The core of software testing is to design and execute test cases.In order to improve the efficiency of software testing,retrieve and share the test cases in different departments,this paper proposed the retrieval method of test case for different data model.Firstly,the test case is facetedly classified and descripted in this method,and the test case facet classification model and instantiates are proposed to provide the clues for the test case retrieval.Secondly,the test case index tree is proposed based on the instantiation of test case facet classification model,and the test cases are organized into a structure which is beneficial to the user’s retrieve.Lastly,at the time of test case retrieval for different data mo-del,through the matching of query tree and the test case index tree and keyword retrieval,it retrieves the test cases that meet the requirement from different heterogeneous databases.The experiment proves the feasibility and effectiveness of the retrieval method proposed in this paper in the practical application,which lays the foundation of test case sharing and reuse,and improves the efficiency of software testing.

Key words: Heterogeneous database,Test case reuse,Test case retrieval,Faceted classification

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