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Sub-network Preclusion in (n,k)-bubble-sort Networks

YANG Yu-xing and QIU Ya-na   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In the real parallel computer systems,faults of processors and links are inevitable,and the fault tolerance abi-lity of a system can be evaluated by the performance of its interconnection network.In order to measure the fault tole-rance abilities of the parallel computers which take (n,k)-bubble-sort networks as underlying topologies,combining the hierarchical structures and sub-network partitions’ characters of (n,k)-bubble-sort networks,an algorithm of the problem that destroy all the (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort networks in the (n,k)-bubble-sort network under the node fault model and the link fault model was proposed,and the optimal attacking nodes set and the optimal attacking links set were obtained.According to the algorithm,to destroy all the (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort networks in the (n,k)-bubble-sort network,at least Cmnm!nodes or Cmnm!links ought to be faulty under the node fault model and the link fault mo-del,respectively,where 2≤k≤n-2 and m≤k-1.

Key words: Parallel computer,High-performance interconnection network,(n,k)-bubble-sort network,Fault tolerance,Sub-network preclusion

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