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Special Issue: Block Chain Technology

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Study on Virtual Power Plant Model Based on Blockchain

SHAO Wei-hui, XU Wei-sheng, XU Zhi-yu, WANG Ning and NONG Jing   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: The power system is evolving from Smart Grid to Energy Internet with the development of new energy technologies and Internet technologies.Distributed energy resources will become the main primary energy in the future Ener-gy Internet.In this situation,virtual power plant technology plays an important role in the convergence of distributed power generation resources and the establishment of virtual power resource transactions.As a new distributed computing paradigm,blockchain has the characteristics of security,transparency and decentralization.This paper proposed a blockchain based virtual power plant model for the future Energy Internet driven by real-time electricity price.The coordinated control method of virtual power plant and the independent grid connected behavior of distributed energy resources are organically linked by the incentive mechanism of blockchain,so as to realize the distributed dispatching calculation of virtual power plant.Simulation results show that the proposed model meets the grid-connected requirements of high penetration,high freedom,high frequency and high speed of distributed energy resources in the future Energy Internet.

Key words: Blockchain,Energy Internet,Virtual power plant,Real-time pricing,Distributed computation

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