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Information Security Framework Based on Blockchain for Cyber-physics System

DING Qing-yang, WANG Xiu-li, ZHU Jian-ming and SONG Biao   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Cyber-physics system has drawn widespread attention of academia,and the protection problems and protection measures it faces are also increasingly becoming the research focus in the field.By combing the current research results about the security issues of cyber-physics system and corresponding protective measures at home and abroad,it is found that the security protection measures based on the overall multi-level coordination and distributed architecture have become the current research direction,which is in line with the features of distributed architecture of blockchain technology.Based on the introduction of the distributed topology of blockchain and its information security features,this paper proposed the idea of security protection in which the blockchain technology is integrated with the cyber-physics system,proved the possibility of combining the two parts,and constructed BCCPS framework mechanism of integrating the two parts deeply.The specific construction of BCCPS framework at both the basic level and the integrated level was highlighted.Finally,the security of BCCPS framework was demonstrated from four aspects:confidentiality,integrity,availability and traceability of information security.This research provides a new idea for establishing a secure and robust cyber-physics system.

Key words: Cyber-physics system,Blockchain,Information security,BCCPS framework,Security analysis

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