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Public Blockchain of Pharmaceutical Business Resources Based on Double-chain Architecture

BI Ya, ZHOU Bei, LENG Kai-jun and WANG Cun-fa   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Blockchain is a decentralized shared ledger system and computational paradigm.As a core underlying support technology,it is highly compatible with the distributed economic system.The distributed scheduling model of pharmaceutical business resources based on the public service platform is a comprehensive solution to the current situation of pharmaceutical industry which is “scattered,small,disorderly and weak”,and plays an important role in integrating decentralized resource and making on-demand schedule.Aiming at some key problems in the current public service platform,this paper proposed a public blockchain of pharmaceutical business resources based on double chain architecture,and mainly studied the double-chain structure and its storage mode,privacy protection,resource rent-seeking and mat-ching mechanism,and consensus algorithm.The results show that the public blockchain of pharmaceutical business resources based on double-chain architecture can take into account the openness and security of transaction information and the privacy of enterprise information,self-adaptively complete rent-seeking and matching of resources,and greatly enhance the credibility of the public service platform and the overall efficiency of the system.

Key words: Public blockchain,Consensus mechanism,Pharmaceutical business resources,Public service platform

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