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Clustering Algorithm Based on Shared Nearest Neighbors and Density Peaks

LIU Yi-zhi, CHENG Ru-feng and LIANG Yong-quan   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Robust clustering by detecting density peaks and assigning points based on fuzzy weighted K-nearest neighbors(FKNN-DPC) is a simple and efficient clustering algorithm,which can automatically detect the cluster center and assign the non-cluster center sample based on weighted K-nearest neighbors quickly and accurately.It is powerful in recognizing high quality cluster in any scale ,any dimension,any size and any shape of the data set,but the weight calculation in assigning strategies only considers the Euclidean distance between samples.In this paper,a similarity measure based on shared neighborhood was proposed,and the sample assigning strategy was improved by this similarity,so that the cluster is more consistent with the real attribution,thus improving the clustering quality.The effectiveness of the algorithm is verified by comparing the experiments on the UCI real data set with the K-means,DBSCAN,AP,DPC,and FKNN-DPC algorithm.

Key words: Clustering,Shared nearest neighbors,Similarity measure,Density peak

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