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Optimization Method of Production Scheduling in Flexible Job

ZHANG Gui-jun, DING Qing, WANG Liu-jing and ZHOU Xiao-gen   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: To meet the needs of the production scheduling of flexible manufacturing enterprises,an optimization method for production scheduling was proposed.Firstly,an overall flow of the production scheduling which meets the workshop application requirements and various resource constraints is designed by analyzing the characteristics of the production scheduling problem in the enterprise workshop,and a constraint condition based production objective relation model is presented.Secondly,a differential evolution with dynamic strategy is proposed.In the proposed algorithm,the mutation strategy is dynamically selected according to the crowding degree between each individual in the current population.Moreover,a decoding scheme is designed based on the position of the process.Therefore,the optimal scheduling scheme is obtained to improve the operational efficiency of equipment to maximize the utilization of resources.Finally,the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by six benchmark functions,FT6-6 scheduling problem and practical example.

Key words: Production scheduling,Combinatorial optimization,Differential evolution,Flexible manufacturing

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