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Multi-focus Image Fusion Based on Redundant Wavelet Transform and Guided Filtering

YANG Yan-chun, LI Jiao, DANG Jian-wu and WANG Yang-ping   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: For the problem of edge halo in multi-focus image fusion based on traditional multi-scale transform,this paper proposed a novel method of image fusion based on redundant wavelet transform and guided filtering.Firstly,the source images are decomposed by the redundant wavelet transform,and a similar plane and a series of wavelet planes are obtained.The multi-scale decomposition can effectively extract the detail information in the source images.Then the weighted fusion rules of guided filtering are respectively used in the similar plane and the wavelet planes,and the weighted maps are constructed to obtain the weighted fusion coefficients of the similar plane and the wavelet planes.Finally,the redundant wavelet inverse transform is used to obtain the fusion image.The experiment results show that the proposed method can better reflect edge detail features of the images and can achieve better fusion results compared with the traditional fusion methods.

Key words: Multi-focus image fusion,Redundant wavelet transform,Guided filter,Spatial consistency

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