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Image Denoising Optimization Algorithm Combined with Visual Saliency

ZHAO Jie, MA Yu-jiao and LIU Shuai-qi   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: The image is disturbed by noise in the process of sampling,processing,transmission and storage,which leads to the decline of the visual information of image.Based on the difference of sensitivity of the human eyes to the noise in different regions,this paper put forward an improved image denoising algorithm combined with visual significance.Firstly,the algorithm preprocesses the image by visual significance,and gets the interesting region in the image.Then this paper used the BM3D algorithm,which can better protect the image texture,to denoise this region,and used the arithmetic mean filter algorithm with faster computing speed to denoise the non-interest region.The results show that the proposed method can not only obtain higher subjective image quality evaluation,but also reduce the computational time by using BM3D algorithm.

Key words: Image denoising,Visual salieny,Mean filtering,BM3D algorithm

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