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BTDA:Dynamic Cloud Data Updating Audit Scheme Based on Semi-trusted Third Party

JIN Yu, CAI Chao, HE Heng and LI Peng   

  • Online:2018-03-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Cloud storage has been widely used since its birth because of its convenience and low price.But compared with the traditional system,the users in the cloud storage system lost the direct control of the data,so users are most concerned about whether the data stored in the cloud are security,where integrity is one of the security needs.Public audit is an effective way to verify the integrity of cloud data.Existing research work can not only achieve cloud data integrity verification,but also support dynamic data update audit.However,such schemes also suffer from some drawbacks,for example,when multiple second-level file block update tasks are implemented,users need to be online for the update audit of each task,and in this process the communication cost and the computational cost on user side are larger. On this basis,this paper proposed BTDA,namely a semi-trusted third party dynamic cloud data update audit program.In BTDA,semi-trusted third party deals with update audit instead of user,so during the update audit process,the user can be off-line,thereby reducing the communication cost and the computational cost on user side.In addition,BTDA uses data blind and proxy re-signature technology to prevent semi-trusted third party and cloud server to obtain user sensitive data,thus protecting user privacy.Experiments show that compared with the current scheme about second-level file block update,BTDA has a large reduction in both computation time and communication cost on user side.

Key words: Cloud storage,Data integrity,Semi-trusted third party,Second-level file block update

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