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Formal Description of Requirement of Slats and Flaps Control System for DO-178C Case

ZHAN Yun-jiao, WEI Ou and HU Jun   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: DO-178C is an improvement and supplement for airborne software airworthiness certification standard DO-178B,and it is used to provide guidance for software quality control of civil aircraft airborne systems and equipments.SCR(Software Cost Reduction),as a formal method,can be applied to the description of complex and large-scale embedded systems based on four-variable model.Based on the DO-178C,this paper used the SCR method to formalize the requirement specification of the flap slat control system in the original aircraft system,and carried on the detailed case for the flap motor speed control module in the flap slat control system.Through analysis,whether the DO-178C meets the relevant validation indicators can be determined .Through analyzing and validating,some application techniques of SCR method were proposed.This work will provide the basis for the application of SCR method in airborne software system.

Key words: DO-178C,SCR method,Four-variable model,Airborne software,T-VEC

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